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Injuns love to cheat people
Comment from : brettduffy19992

Royal Army
Why gambling is legal?
Comment from : Royal Army

Alan Heath
I spend my money on classic Motocross projects and have lots of them should of picked gambling wouldn't have to hear Mrs screaming get them bloody out the house constantly
Comment from : Alan Heath

Scottie Tuley
I find it hard to understand exactly WHY you'd feel the need to gamble if you was financially secure ??? 14 million is PLENTY to make you happy...
Comment from : Scottie Tuley

Anyone who is addicted to slots: play the free ones on your phone..you LL have fun and won't blow away your rent money.
Comment from : Dee

No malfunctioned problem this time
Comment from : 韩国人低等贱畜

Tina's baby
I can't even figure out how you get 14 million dollars much less how you can quickly go through it.
Comment from : Tina's baby

She won’t be in prison for long
Comment from : LInda

kyle brown
That's what casinos do to you if your not bad they take pride in your christ at the same time you take pride in there's what gamblers don't see is that they bring it on thereself but by then it's to late so another words your just as bad as the casino in the end t hats why they beat u it's not even about the money most of the time
Comment from : kyle brown

Amy’s Criminal mind
I work there.you can ban yourself 1 ,2,5 years.people do it everyday
Comment from : Amy’s Criminal mind

Frank Doria
If she knew that she's an addict, she should have just locked it up somewhere like low risk, long term mutual funds
Comment from : Frank Doria

Anh Nguyen
Close all the casino in florida...the casino are scam...
Comment from : Anh Nguyen

Dee G
Poor trusting in-laws... I’ll be the first to admit I’m a very rational human being, except when it comes to slot machines. It’s like beginning to smoke- some pple take to it quickly and get addicted, and some can have an occasional cig and never get the habit. But let me say it can sneak up on you and before you know it, you’ve got one heck of an expensive habit!! Casinos wouldn’t be in business with just occasional gamblers, they need addicts and they get lots of them! Judge not, lest you be judged!
Comment from : Dee G

Kel Roz
Casinos,are experts at knowing the psychology of their patrons.
If you are simply one who ever won that much and never would come through their doors again,you arent going go win.
Unless ypur a special person,they are willing to let win.

Comment from : Kel Roz

Once you win big especially in one of these Indian casinos, they do everything in their power to make sure u never win again
This has happened to not only myself but friends as well
This lady should have never gone back to that place


Anything Goes
She should listen to Richard lustig's advice.
Comment from : Anything Goes

Rick Stone
Slots.suck.Why not bet on a winning group?76% winning.Leave a message if you hate being a loser&wanna win
Comment from : Rick Stone

Tony Davies
If I won 14 mill I be straight out them doors and on a plane back home to UK and give half to my family
Comment from : Tony Davies

thehegt Tr
If you won $14 millions you don’t take home $14 millions , how the hell she lost $14 millions ?
Comment from : thehegt Tr

well we legalize it as a country knowing full well what happens but the taxes made by the government keep it available and are expanding it on a about daily basis. it is a drug, an addiction, but so is weed and now that the gov. sees how much they can make in taxes, it is becoming legal across the u.s. imagine that.
Comment from : HYPERBLADE9

lk kim
Hey George you are a fake Democrat LIBERAL moron.
Comment from : lk kim

lk kim
Comment from : lk kim

Jarek newbury
slots are for LOSERS!!!
Comment from : Jarek newbury

I’ve made millions a month with slot machines, blackjack, roulette. Anything inside a casino for me is a guaranteed win!

Yours sincerely

The Belagio casino

Comment from : RedBB

Jesus its unbelievable that some one can loose 14 millions on slots
Comment from : AL

If you win 14 million....clear 7, even ur typical hardcore gambler would say, after losing 3m.....ok, it’s time to quit.

You’re not going to hit 14m again.

Comment from : StuUngar

Matt Brady
On slots? What the fuck is the max bet on that slot machine? There’s just no way
Comment from : Matt Brady

Lucky 7even
I wanna go playing slots machine now 😈

Comment from : Lucky 7even

mr fantastic
That poor old couple
Comment from : mr fantastic

Andrew 35nov
That's some expensive doughnuts
Comment from : Andrew 35nov

This is my testimony:
Saved from Greed


Please share as you are led.

Comment from : YesToTheTruth

carl bataineh
stop building more casino
Comment from : carl bataineh

Milquetoast Eugenicist
I’ve worked in gaming and I’ve personally seen a high roller whale (losing 200,000 dollars in a weekend run was totally common) go from multi millionaire tool manufacturing company CEO into Uber Driver in 3 years. Took him about fifty little weekend trips over about 3 years to lose absolutely everything. I mean fucking EVERYTHING! The dude was demented. He didn’t even care. He actually seems happier now if you could believe it. Money isn’t real. Paper rectangles and assorted metal discs is ALL it is.
Comment from : Milquetoast Eugenicist

nosha dean
this is idolatry saith the Lord God Almighty,
Comment from : nosha dean

Steven Erickson
I had some relatives that completely destroyed their lives at a casino. House burned down and prison time was the end game.
Comment from : Steven Erickson

Steven Erickson
Fucking corporate casinos. Run the same way all large corporations are run but the results are more obvious. Think tobacco, oil, oxycontin to name a few.
Comment from : Steven Erickson

Joey Oblatore
I know that lady I paid her $20 to blow me once
Comment from : Joey Oblatore

Comment from : SmalltownWriter

Its RIGGED! sister
Comment from : Lifeizrigged

Clint Miller
I wonder how many times did she pull the lever loosing 14 million
Comment from : Clint Miller

TRuThsTeR: Wake up world please
Wow, what an idiot.
Comment from : TRuThsTeR: Wake up world please

joseph keeney
They need to close these places down. They steal every dollar you put in a slot 70 cents go's to them. the pay back is 30% of the take. If you sent me your gaming money every week two weeks before Xmas I'll return 50% to you . Which is the better deal?
Comment from : joseph keeney

Jan Chapman
Comment from : Jan Chapman

Not addiction. Stupidity
Comment from : Jesseg0815

tamdin wangyal
Gambling is very very addictive..in a spin of the ball u experience all the metaphors of life in 20seconds feeling happy, nervous, excited, anxious, angry all at the same time
Comment from : tamdin wangyal

She charmed us. She brought us a dozen doughnuts
Comment from : BK MONEYSTACKS

Daniel Le
i guess when u are addicted to gambling, the more money u have, the higher u gamble. so, no amount of money is enough or too much! very deadly stuff.
Comment from : Daniel Le

Beats losing 14 million in the 100 percent rigged and manipulated U.S. stock market. At least she gambled and lost instead of something like the U.S. stock market stealing her 14 million dollars.
Comment from : parkerbohnn

Daniel Spidell
Thats not a addiction its mental illness ...
Comment from : Daniel Spidell

She had triple "bar" jakpot on the slots which led her behing bars lol.
Comment from : Clickachu

Reda Elhana
I'm not sure I can believe this...14 million is way too much money,,,
After taxes, you'll get clean 7 mil...
So, what did she do with that money? Just play it ... Hmm, sounds made up,

Comment from : Reda Elhana

Solo#1 Bytches
If i would of won 14 million i would of ran from the casino. That was a blessing.
Comment from : Solo#1 Bytches

Gary Ko
isnt the hopes of winning $14 million gambling why u would gamble? if u have the $14 million already why would u need to gamble? u don't need to. Wut a joke
Comment from : Gary Ko

Paul Eckert
Wait...what are you kidding me. You win 13 million and give it all back to the casino. Smh
Comment from : Paul Eckert

Toni Prifti
Comment from : Toni Prifti

Allen Gutierrez
man i lost 175$ dollars cuz i thought i could hit a jackpot but didnt 😪
Comment from : Allen Gutierrez

Glenda Roberts
There is no way I would put that money back in the casinos. Since I cant drive that wouldn’t be hard to do cause living in the country there are no taxis. Lol
Comment from : Glenda Roberts

Emilio Vasquez
If I'm gambling and win millions I won't play no more that's the whole reason I'm playing
Comment from : Emilio Vasquez

Ankur Ghosh
Shattering!!! ;(
Comment from : Ankur Ghosh

Rich Purnell
I felt sick losing £10
Comment from : Rich Purnell

Traders Friend
This is sooooo scary. I honestly didn't believe the title when I read it, that's why I clicked on it
Comment from : Traders Friend

Misfits miami
She's special...14 million and you lost it all. I would take some and bank the rest
Comment from : Misfits miami

Casinos play into greed.. people win like that and the next "logical" thought is: Well how much more could I win off a jackpot at a g a pull? I'm so sad for that lady. And how she hurt those poor old people :(
Comment from : LION S

So sad :(
Comment from : LION S

Bert Sturgeon
Come on it's a people thing not a woman thing! !! Lier's
Comment from : Bert Sturgeon

Never look at it as anything other than a night of entertainment. This is a great example of why you never go to make money. You take what you would normally spend on a fun night out. If you lose it, you look at it as entertainment and if you win... it was some really good entertainment.
Comment from : KJ SLOTS

1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!
It's only a problem If your losing. Phil Ivey had a gambling addiction but nobody seems to call it a problem because he wins.
Comment from : 1D 1R A C U 1L A 209 !!

Slot addiction is worse than Cocaine!
Comment from : Magnetron33

Carlton Firoved
Florida Seminole casinos are the worst casinos I've ever been in. Florida casinos are unregulated. Unlike Vegas and other places these places regulate themselves. never gamble in a Florida Casino unless you have a lot of money to lose.
Comment from : Carlton Firoved

Is it the most guy who lost all money in the world or that guy it unluckiest than her
Comment from : DoubleLucky777

Wayne Taylor
Omg this is so hard to believe I mean I like gambling too but I could never gamble that much money and lose it all and steal from people
Comment from : Wayne Taylor

rafael Nadal
Woow such an sad sad sad story
Comment from : rafael Nadal

Hand Meover
This should show ppl the machines are either RIGGED oR the casinos do have the ability to tip the scales in their favor by contoling the payouts?
And just so you know.... We seen them test the CAMERA that installed on their slot machines which captures your face and body image while you are playing!!!! WHY do they need to WATCH YOU....?

Comment from : Hand Meover

Alexander Santana
I know it all to well. I have gambled all my life winning a big jackpot and losing it back. Now 14 million is a phenomenal number. My brain is wired if I ever win a substantial amount like 2 million dollars I would have probably switched up and did something else. And had maybe the common sense to cash in my chips.
Comment from : Alexander Santana

Mike Btrfld
Drove a cab in Reno for 18 years. They threw themselves under trains, jumped off parking garages, and murdered cabbies for gambling money.
Comment from : Mike Btrfld

I bet she has great comps though
Comment from : C B

Comment from : Heather

She lost super millioner
Comment from : DoubleLucky777

Patrick Gong
Guess she never heard of quit while ahead
Comment from : Patrick Gong

Jon T
u can never beat the casino......how can u lose $250,000 at slots in one night is incomprehensible,if these machines were designed to pay out in any way thats remotely fair,u would have won grand and mega jackpots at least 10 times that night.
Comment from : Jon T

Joseph El
How in the hell do you win such a tremendous windfall, then gamble it all back????
Comment from : Joseph El

brainwashing what gambling is
Comment from : 19may0001

Juan Negrette
I think they use mind control and I wonder what they put in the good and drinks do casinos ever get in trouble with there fixed machines and borderline scams and tactics with there computers that what everyone and most likely they know who wins and who looses and who wins and how much I know they tell you a chop but just think of how rich all casinos are and the fat cahe even the Indian reservation pay their own people 10000 a month and probably more and so fight back if you the people ever get tired of all the scams lies and cheats of all casinos
Comment from : Juan Negrette

Ella Ams
14 million isn't enough for her, what was she hoping to win,
14 gzillion big bucks dollars?? lol, not going to happen!

Comment from : Ella Ams

Stephanie SC
I lost $20 and I was mad for so long! Lol!
Comment from : Stephanie SC

Wolfgang Clout Capo
My question is how did she get 14 million? 😑
Comment from : Wolfgang Clout Capo

Up In Vape
Omg make it a woman issue
Comment from : Up In Vape

Peter Schmidt
Give me 13 million dollars and see if I go to the casino again. What a idiot!
Comment from : Peter Schmidt

If I won 14 million you will never see me again lol! She's crazy
Comment from : ladygirl99

Robin Sawchuk
Comment from : Robin Sawchuk

Ella Ams
if i won that kind of money, i have to buy everything i want (house, cars, etc) before i can come back there again and gamble again.
Comment from : Ella Ams

jul jul
You have more than 14 Million WHY you still gambling i mean ok gamble couple millions but all the millions? ???
Comment from : jul jul

Tin Truong
Money like a drug
Comment from : Tin Truong

Tez Wharton
Funny thing is if you win to much they throw you out!!, but lose to much they welcome you in!.
Comment from : Tez Wharton

Comment from : JOHNNY Badilla III

damn... I had a problem as well, gambling and winning big is the high of highs. But F... Give me 14 mill and I'll never set foot in another casino frfr lol.
Comment from : 313drepeso313

I will never understand these idiots.
you won millions but you are stupid. omg this is such a idiot story

Comment from : Clownsatthecemetery

Philip Puglisi
she probably has good comps now
Comment from : Philip Puglisi

Neil Newton
GREED! it will consumed you
Comment from : Neil Newton

Danielchai S
13 million? What if afterwards she lost 10 million of the 13.. then in seconds, stopped her addictions, went home telling her husband she blew 10 million? Talk about mixed emotions
Comment from : Danielchai S

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